leather bottom boxed pouch

my grandpa’s 80th birthday was today, and it’s father’s day, so it was a day for multiple celebrations! i wanted to sew my grandpa a gift, something that he will actually use. he loves to travel (though covid-19 has shut down any of his plans) and he loves the look of leather, so i madeContinue reading “leather bottom boxed pouch”

fabric doodles + pouches

painted some fun designs on canvas using a watered down mixture of screen printing ink. the whole process was super therapeutic – prepping and painting the fabric one day and slowly using it in the coming week. here’s what i made using my painted fabric: LARGE CANVAS POUCH – modern LARGE CANVAS POUCH – wavesContinue reading “fabric doodles + pouches”

patchwork stress relief

got really stressed this week with a physics test, anxiety and uncertainty about the whole covid-19 situation, and college stuff. turns out, getting into college is the easy part – so many logistics to consider now! i’m a natural worrier, but i’m really trying to up my tolerance for uncertainty and adversity. at least thisContinue reading “patchwork stress relief”

leather cosmetics bag

i made this leather pouch for fun, and then my mom suggested it would make a perfect mother’s day gift for my grandmas! such a good idea, and i’m already planning another one 🙂 funny story though, my mom was so proud of my professional looking pouch that she showed a picture to my grandma,Continue reading “leather cosmetics bag”