story coat

this was my dad’s blanket. he bought it when he first arrived in ithaca, ny from taiwan. age 14, didn’t speak english, no parents around. he’s brought this blanket on every move he’s made since: to university in canada, to med school in los angeles, up and down california for residency, research, and jobs andContinue reading “story coat”

a history of my fabric

i had written a long explanation and thought process about how i am modifying my bust my scraps challenge to save my time and encourage my motivation to make things, but my computer decided to malfunction, and the whole post is now lost into the void of nothingness. (but actually, where do unsaved parts ofContinue reading “a history of my fabric”

bust my stash challenge

we are currently living in a time where marie kondo inspired minimalism is the trend, and stuff begins to feel excessive (though there is a difference between owning too much “useless junk” and having a home of character. i personally really enjoy the latter because those little quirks make me smile and feel that pangContinue reading “bust my stash challenge”