fabric covered boxes

years ago, my friend L gave me a ton of empty tissue boxes to use as organizers for pens and other notions. these special boxes were perfect – they were sturdy, round, slim – but they were way too tall. these boxes/containers/organizers have been sitting in my room ever since, collecting dust and taking upContinue reading “fabric covered boxes”

diy scrunchies

it shocks me so much when i see something very simple to make for sale at stores like urban outfitters for ridiculous prices. for example, tube tops, which are literally just two pieces of knit fabric sewed together, no straps, no fitting, no darts, just fabric and three lines of stitching. and these are sellingContinue reading “diy scrunchies”

laser cut rubber stamps

my friend R and i played with the laser cutter in the woodshop at our school and made our own rubber stamps! our engineering teacher had some old laser cuttable rubber lying around, and let us experiment with it. we had to play around with the settings and run the process multiple times to finallyContinue reading “laser cut rubber stamps”