hi, i’m mik. my interests range from digital design to running to chemistry to journaling to photography to horses, and sometimes i sew too. honestly, i get just as much fulfillment from being outdoors as i do staying in and spending my day sewing – anything that stimulates my creativity makes me happy!

here you’ll find a collection of my makes and my reflections, as i’m hoping to document them for posterity. i try to record everything as it happens, but because making is a singular puzzle piece in the giant puzzle that is my life, i may end up documenting many makes into a single post at the end of each month to save time. you can also check out my etsy shop, shopMik, where i sell my original handmade goods. i occasionally post free tutorials as well, so feel free to explore those and hopefully gain some inspiration!

from one maker to another, i sincerely hope that my little bit of the world can inspire you in some way, shape, or form! thanks for stopping by 🙂